Sunday, June 12, 2011

World Day Against Child Labor 2011

In a modern age where days should be ones of celebration, once again we find ourselves forced to reckon with the evils humanity is capable of, once again we commemorate the worst of exploitations, today is World Day Against Child Labor. The International Labor Organization estimates that there are still 215 million children engaged in illegal labor, with half being in the worst forms of slave labor. This includes, but is of course not limited to, the sex trade, child soldiering, bonded labor and the illegal drug trade. The text of their new report.

Like most forms of child exploitation, illegal child labor is born from the womb of poverty. Many children are forced to work solely for their family or for themselves to survive. Many children will not eat if they don't work. And of course this type of desperation gives greed and evil ample opportunity for the most egregious forms exploitation.

Please let your voice be heard today and everyday for the innocent victims of illegal labor. Please make sure the products you consume are slave labor free. Ask your congressmen to support the Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act. Please live simply and give whatever you can to legitimate organizations that fight poverty. Inform yourself. There are also many informative and inspiring videos on the ILO's YouTube page. From all of us at COH, thank you for defending the defenseless. Thank you for being a voice for the voiceless. Thank you for helping organizations like International Justice Mission give justice for the oppressed and exploited.

Child Prostitute in Ghana


  1. That last picture has me in full on tears. I pray I never become numb to these images.

  2. Yeah Rebecca. I know. I know....Me too girl.