Saturday, April 30, 2011

Yom Hashoa: Holocaust Rememberance Day

Today is Holocaust Remembrance Day. A day to set in our hearts an eternal flame for the memory of the 15 million civilian victims of the Nazi purges and death camps. A day to reignite what evil extinguished.

The 6 million Jews (1.5 million children)

Above: The hatred and barbarism perpetrated on the Jews at the hands of Hitler and his Nazis can only be described as demonic. For only Hell could conceive such evil. Only hell can fuel such hate.

The 3.3 million Soviet POWs

Above: Soviet POW's waiting for the gas chamber

The 2 million Non-Jewish Poles

Above: Polish women, children and babies being stripped, rounded up, shot and then thrown into a mass grave.

The 270,000 Roma(‘gypsies’)

Above: A group of Roma, apparently being nomadic was criminal.

The 250,000 Disabled

Above: Hitler maintained that the handicapped were a drain on the people's money.

The 15,000 Homosexuals

Above: Homosexuals were designated with pink triangles.

And the 5,000 Jehovah's Witnesses

Above: Jehovah's witnesses being rounded up for their "anti-socialist" values i.e. pacifist theology.

Please read Ira Schwartz's blog. Please if you are in D.C Visit the U.S Holocaust museum. And check out these past COH blogs about the Nazi T4 program and the death camp at Dachau.

We must remember what can happen if the world sleeps. We must wake and demand justice for the 27 million enslaved and tortured today. We must. Before the flame of justice goes out.


  1. Well. it seems that you should lie, propagate and misinform people in order to make your delusional case stands.

    "15 million civilian victims of the Nazi purges and death camps".... well, the Nazis murdered in the death camps 6.8 million innocent people almost 5.6 millions of them were Jews. The other 300,000 Jews were murdered as shown up in the pictures on large mass graves. Those "Polish women, children and babies being stripped, rounded up" are Jewish Polish women, children and babies.

  2. So Dan, your problem here is with the total number of those brutally extinguished by Hitler's demonic scourge? That my math is off, or my sources tainted by exaggeration? Are 6.8 million men, women and children not enough for you to be more impassioned about the sanctity and loss of life than the "delusional" over-reporting of statistics?

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