Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Giving Freedom.

In case you were off planet...traffic is gridlocked, tempers are fomenting, and the great machine of retail is whining in high gear, wrapped in red and green....Happy Holidays!!

We at Conspiracy Of Hope want to extend you our warmest wishes in that regard. May your winter be white with days full of cheer, of good food, and family and friends. May your nights be warm with roaring fires and peaceful reflection.

And while we are enjoying those things, may we be ever mindful of the children of the world still enslaved. Some, God forbid, by manufacturers who use their labor to make the goods we give as gifts. May we always remember the young girls caged in brothels, may we keep them dear to our hearts, and for those young boys trapped in conflicts as child soldiers, may we never forget to keep them in our prayers.

And if you can, why not send them a gift. There are several organizations that offer a chance for you to give children freedom this holiday season. Some even have gifts made by freed slaves and survivors of sex trafficking. Here are some links:

International Justice Mission

Love 146

Not For Sale

She Dances

Made By Survivors

Thank you!!!!!

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