Thursday, May 27, 2010

Slave Free Products and How You Can Be Sure.

People ask us at Conspiracy Of Hope how they can know whether the goods they consume are free from slave labor. Here are a few web resources to mollify those concerns.

One great resource that grades corporations with respect to their human rights practices is called
Free To Work . Free To Work is a joint operation of Not For Sale Campaign and International Labor Rights Forum.

Another organization called
Rugmark International has a site called GoodWeave that is a certification program that works to eradicate child slave labor from the carpet industry.

Of course coffee drinkers of any discriminating taste have encountered the
Fair Trade name and logo. Their certification process involves many consumables, most of whose industries are known for the most egregious forms of slave labor.

Another organization that is proactively seeking to eradicate slave labor is called
SLAVEFREE. Their site has an easy and inventive way for the average person to easily let their voice be heard by the world's corporations, a grassroots photo petition demanding those companies be slave labor free.

If you'd like to post a comment with any other resources that offer assurances to consumers about the products they buy we'd welcome the help.

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